Year of Recovery

by Hadley Bradley


7th — February passed without me posting. I’ve been extremely busy, both at work and at home. I’ve been practicing my cornet a lot as I get ready to compete in the North West Brass Band contest.

In the last week, I gave a presentation to one of system suppliers in an attempt to convince them to switch their native mobile applications to a Progressive Web Application. The barrier to entry for patients is huge. Having to find and download the app from the various app stores. Register for an account. Verify themselves. The whole process is too cumbersome. Plus, users of newer Huawei or Windows phones can’t use the application. I found a couple of good resources while doing my research. What PWA can do today, is a demonstration resource, which shows the capabilities of PWA apps. 30 days of PWA helps you explore the core concepts; advanced capabilities; which developer tools to use followed by some platforms & best practices.


29th — Published the video below, which shows you how to compile a Go Lambda function to use a custom Amazon Linux 2 execution environment instead of using the native Go.1x runtime:

25th — I’ve managed to produce a short video demo, showing the work I’ve recently been doing. Integrating DICOM diagnostic image viewing into an IHE health exchange:

23th — This last week I’ve been busily integrating ResolutionMD into the shared care record viewer. ResolutionMD provides DICOM image viewing technology, allowing healthcare professionals to collaborate and diagnose while viewing and sharing 2D/3D medical images. As part of the integration, I wrote a JavaScript function to check that the DICOM viewer had loaded correctly within the iframe I was using to embed the software. I took inspiration from this article which explains how to access an iframe and its document content.

I read an article on using a custom Lambda runtime for Go, instead of using the native runtime. The article outlines a couple of reasons for doing this, and I intend to try it out for my web applications.

MIA is a medical video and image acquisition solution I’m planning working on. One of the requirements is to transcode the patient uploaded video to a standard format. The package go-fluent-ffmpeg could certainly help to video transcoding.

19th — I’m considering removing the web font from this website. I’ve been looking into switching over to using a serif font stack using system fonts. I tried just using Georgia, but the site looks rubbish on older IOS based phones. Luckily, people with much more font knowledge than myself have put together a list of system font stacks. I’m trying out the serif stack on this page. The only difference I made was to add Georgia before the last serif option.

12th — Some links of interest found this week

8th — Spent an hour this morning relaxing and painting.

Acrylic painting of a lion in vivid rainbow colours.

3rd — Had a go at painting this morning. What was supposed to be a majestic Eagle, looks more like a deformed dinosaur chick. Painting fail. I’ll try this one again in a couple of weeks, once I’ve practiced painting feathers.

Acrylic painting of a deformed baby dinosaur chick.

2nd — I’ve started writing a technical essay called Responsive & Performant Web Images in 2022. It’s shaping up to being a decent document so I’m hoping to package it and sell it as an ebook. As such I’ve added a new recipe to my ImageMagick page : obtain the 5 most prominent colours within an image.

I love podcasts. Here are some of my favorite that I’ve listened to in the last year. The Dead House is a very immersive podcast. It’s been created with the intention that you listen to it lying down with your eyes closed. Ideally with over the ear headphones to block out any external sounds. The podcast makes great use of panning sounds from one ear to the other to give you a sense of direction. The podcast starts with a warning for those with a nervous disposition not to listen to them. Meet yourself in the Dead House, if you dare.

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