Short Stories

by Hadley Bradley

A collection of flash fiction: standalone tales of 1,000—3,000 words, in genres including science fiction, horror and supernatural.

Praise for The Toll:

Loving it! Brought to mind “Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected” from the late 70s! Keep ‘em coming.

This is definitely my favorite, I was absolutely gripped.

The Toll — Sam Fields was a leading travel writer who went missing. Read his final journal entry which opens with [Let's start at the beginning, save to say this, these Scottish Highlands are a haunted place.]

Agent 13 — Kira Blackwood is Agent 13. Hired to track down Thomas who has just completed the heist of the decade. A heist that he hoped would make him very rich.

Frozen — I've just shot my wife. Not literally, of course, I love my wife. However, I grow ever more fearful for her survival and her sanity. Worried about the evil entity lurking in her vicinity. So I've reshot her ....

Twelve — A short story I wrote for my sons 12th birthday. A father admits to his son that he poses a secret skill.

Adam — Adam looked up from his phone. In that instance, he knew he was going to die. Soon to meet his maker. Only his maker was nothing that he ever expected.

A New Home — This is a short story I entered into a local writing competition. The brief was to write about the devotion between pets and their owners within five hundred words. Hope you like it.

Air Hotel — My first attempt at writing a shorty story.