Digital & Coloured Pencil Sketches

by Hadley Bradley

Digital Watercolours

For Christmas 2020, I bought my youngest son who also has his own art website, a digital drawing tablet to encourage his art. Below is a collection of water colours I created using the tablet. On the tablet I use the Tayasui Sketches drawing application and on the Mac I use Krita.

Elf on swing, digital watercolour

Pencil Sketches

Pencil Sketch of Owl

These sketches were drawn on black paper using Derwent Coloursoft Pencils

Owl Pencil Sketch on Black Paper

Cat Pencil Sketch on Black Paper

Dog Pencil Sketch on Black Paper

Lady with the Lamp Sketch on Black Paper

During 2020 I worked on a project called LAMP90, a Covid19 testing project for NHS staff. I drew this for the woman running the project who became known as the Lancashire Lady with the Lamp.

Doctor saving the world from Covid19 - Sketch on Black Paper

Some early sketches from when I took up drawing again about a year ago.

Peaky Blinder Pencil Sketch

Fallen Angel Pencil Sketch

Broken Angel Pencil Sketch

Groot Pencil Sketch

Puffin Pencil Sketch

Kingfisher Pencil Sketch

Turtle Pencil Sketch

Reaper Pencil Sketch