Recording Linux System Audio

by Hadley Bradley

I’ve recently been using the web version of Microsoft Word for work and have just found the immersive reader feature. The immersive reader feature narrates the current document to you. It can be accessed from the View menu option. I have to say I’m blown away by the sound quality of the voices. You can still tell it’s an automated voice, but for me, they are easier to listen than say Amazon’s Poly text to speech solution.

I realised the feature could be used to create quick voice overs for training videos. Write the script in Word and then let the immersive reader turn the text into audio. However, to make the video editing processing easier I wanted to capture the audio to disk and save it as a file.

I’m using Ubuntu Linux, and there is a great simple tool called Audio Recorder that can record your systems audio. This utility would be useful for any Linux gamers who wanted to record the game audio.

To install the software you first need to register the software repository:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:audio-recorder/ppa

and then you can install the software in the usual manner using apt install:

sudo apt install audio-recorder

Audio Recorder Demo

The video below shows how to use the Audio Recorder utility and gives a demonstration of the voices used by immersive reader.

To create this video I used Kazam to record my Linux desktop. Audio Recorder to record the system audio to a WAV file. I then used kdenlive to edit and mix the video before rendering it for upload to YouTube.