Sky Router - Automatically disable the Internet on a schedule

by Hadley Bradley

In this short article I’m going to cover how to set-up the Sky router to automatically disable the Internet on a schedule for certain devices. There are several reasons why you’d want to disable internet access between certain times of the day. For example, you might have a teenage who spends too much time on-line gaming and you want to set some reasonable boundaries.

Set a new master password

Log into your Sky router by going to and enter your current username and password. Click on the Maintenance tab on the top menu and then select the Set Password menu option to access the change password screen. You’ll need to enter your current password before setting up a new one. Make sure its a good password that can’t be guessed.

Address reservation

If you have certain devices that you allays want to stay connected then you can set-up address reservation for these. Click on the Advanced tab on the top menu and then select the LAN IP Setup menu option. Under the Address reservation section, use the Add button to select device names currently connected to your network that you wish to stay fully connected.

1	AN129220  38:c9:86:2b
2	MIZAR     08:de:f1:83
3	SKY+HD    90:02:18:a3

As you can see I’ve reserved the first three IP numbers after .01 which is used by the router. I’ve reserved these for my two work computers and the Sky HD box. When reserving IP addresses use consecutive numbers starting with 02. This will make it easier to block all the other devices as we can target all devices with an IP address higher than the last one you want to reserve. By reserving these IP addresses, these devices will always be issued the same address, even if they are switched off and on again.

Blocking outbound traffic

To block the internet you need to block all outbound communications. This is done using the firewall capability of the Sky router. To access the firewall, select the Security tab on the top menu and then select the Firewall menu option.

Under the Outbound Services section you need to add two new rules, as shown below. The first rule allows outbound access by schedule to all devices starting at IP address – the second rule always blocks traffic. After adding the rules, you can use the move buttons to move the rules into this order so that devices can connect within the time schedule set or else get blocked.

   Service      Action              LAN Users
1   Any(All)    ALLOW by schedule - (1:65535)
2   Any(TCP)    BLOCK always - (1:65535)
D   Any         ALLOW always        Any

Define the time schedule

To define the schedule when internet access is permitted for devices with un-reserved IPs select the Schedule menu option from the Security tab and enter a start and end time into the appropriate boxes. Note, the times need to use the 24-hour clock format.

Start Time: 06 Hours 00 Minutes
  End Time: 22 Hours 00 Minutes 

For example, to allow internet access between 6AM and 10pm use the format shown above.